This is "Selfcrifice" - a game we made in 48 hours ,at GGJ 2016 (Global Game Jam), that revolved around this year's theme - "ritual". You play as a young man possessed by demonic spirits, and In order to ease the pain your goal in each level is to complete a ritual by spilling your blood in the specific shape given.

First the player must place the candles in the empty slots to activate the ritual's markings. Once the candles are placed the player then cut himself and must spill his blood along the markings to open the pentagram portal and move on to the next stage. All of this he must do while being chased be ghosts and evil spirits.

Give it a try! 666!!! Hail Satan!!!!!! >:D

Control movement using the arrow keys or the mouse.
S - toggle sound
P - pause game

Programming: Ori Brusilovsky and Asaf Nudler
Art: Yaron Granot
Levels & Mechanics: Tal Rundstein
Music & SFX: Zevik Perry


selfcrifice.jar 27 MB


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