Built in 3 days for Universe Game Jam #2. Theme: Transform!

Transform between Rock, Paper and Scissors to destroy enemies and solve a series of challenging levels, in this 8-bit inspired puzzle slash brawler.

Post-Jam content: Harder Boss and Endless Brawl game mode.

Arrows - move
Space - attack
Z/X/C - switch between characters
Q - return to menu
J - skip jam levels (cheat)
M - toggle music
S - toggle sfx

Game by Ori Brusilovsky
Music and SFX by Amichai Haneman
Cover art by Meitar Lavi
Special thanks to Asaf Nudler

Made with Godot Game Engine

Font: Manaspace by codeman38


RpsFighter.zip 16 MB
RpsFighterMac.zip 18 MB

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