This game was built in 48 hours in Global Game Jam 2019 (ggj site entry).
Jam theme: What Home Means to You

Puzzle platformer. You play a chameleon without a home but with a super power - to feel at home in homes of other animals, and to transform into these animals! Morph between a turtle, a squirrel and a mole! Modify your environment! Solve puzzles! Reign the forest!!!


Programming: Asaf Nudler, Ori Brusilovsky
Art: Alaa Khoury
Music: Alon Kaplan


Unity3D and Tiled Map Editor

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorOri Brusilovsky
Made withUnity
TagsAnimals, chemaleon, dig, Forest, ggj2019, mole, squirrel, turtle


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very nice

Cute game.

I can't go past level 9, even that I think I understand what to do :/

what part r u stuck on? i solved the level so at least there is a solutio